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How to speed up your netbook

You can speed up a slow netbook with some tricks. First, if it has single core CPU, install Windows XP and it will work much faster than Windows 7. Then, add more memory (RAM), at least 1GB for Windows XP and 2GB for Windows 7/8. If you have many active programs (bottom right), uninstall some you really don’t need, it will help much.

External hard disk caseHere is the best part. Netbooks are shipped with ordinary hard disk (HDD) installed, but you can pull it out and put a solid state disk (SSD) to get enormous speed up! The big SSD’s are expensive these days, but you can buy cheap 64 GB or at least 32 GB SSD. This is enough for system and common programs, to store some personal data, but not for much videos, music and pictures.

The system and programs require about 7 GB space for Windows XP and about 15 GB for Windows 7. The rest is enough for documents, some images, even for few DivX movies and music. But you can buy external 2.5 inch HDD case and put HDD from netbook into it, so you can carry all of your data, copy images from camera on your vacation, put many videos etc… You can use it only when you come back to hotel or whatever, so you don’t need to carry it all the time.

With this tips you can really use your netbook for traveling almost like your home laptop.