IT Services

IT Services

IT company Xelart Holdings d.o.o. is situated in Serbia, but we offer some computer services internationally:

  • Instant remote support
  • IT Consulting
  • Web development
  • Internet marketing
  • Computer repair training.

Instant remote support

IT ServicesThis way we can fix most software problems anywhere in the world, right when you need it, or on schedule because of time difference (here is +1 CET). You can pay via money transfer or card, and get instant support.

This way we can optimize and speed up the Windows system, install or fix programs, drivers, clean some viruses, recover lost data, and many more.

IT Consulting

If you need consulting about how to make network in your company or home, how to setup wireless router, how to fix anything on computer, how to make and manage web site, and everything else, you are on the right place. We can help online via chat, email or Skype call.

Web development

Custom websites are important part of our bussines, and we can make them much cheaper than in other countries. Prices are from 100€ up, and you can see some of our works here: .

We can make WordPress site, Joomla site or just plain HTML and PHP site for your bussines.

Internet marketing

The main thing about web sites is search engine optimization (SEO). It is not enough to have a web site, if it is not in search results, it can not make money. Our web site is on top of search results and make us profit. This is a serious job, and it takes time to get at top of Google results, but it pays off. And if you want fast results, in few days you can have new customers and make money with our Google Ads management. Depending on concurency, it usualy cost from $5 to 15$ daily to Google, and $100 monthly for our services. We can fix existing web site to comply SEO rules, make and manage good Google Adwords campain, and you can expect almost immediate profit burst. The website optimization is charged separately from adwords campaign, and cost depends on site volume.

Computer repair training

As one of the best computer services in Serbia, we can offer service training via online channels – chat, videos and individual courses. We specialize in:

  • laptop repair (diagnostics, disassembling, cleaning, repairing, BGA reballing, etc.)
  • computer repair (diagnostics, repair, upgrading, etc.).

On our courses, you can learn how to fix almost anything on laptops and PC’s in short time, even if you have never opened any of it.

This article will be updated with much more content, until then, please contact us for details.

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