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How to fix classpnp.sys blue screen of death (BSOD)

Here is a situation… You’ve installed a new Windows 7 on older laptop and on first boot it resets or shows BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). You tested hard disk, memory, everything was OK on previous system. What can be wrong?

classpnp.sys BSOD

There are many suggestions on forums about this or similar problem, with no solution. Well, here it is! I had similar problem with old Toshiba M40 laptop, which is intended to work with Windows XP, but my client tried to install Windows 7 and he couldn’t do it, so he brought it to my repair shop. Laptop passed all major tests (RAM, HDD, CPU), but it could not pass the first boot.

I had to pull out client’s hard disk, put it on other laptop and install system without any drivers. After placing HDD back to client’s laptop, first boot of Windows 7 (32 bit) was OK. I was waiting until it installed all drivers, and then tried to reboot. It could not boot Windows even in Safe mode. So, I had to load “Last known good configuration” and after loading system, I disabled all suspecting drivers (network, display, USB, audio, cardbus, camera, wifi, mass storage, but not hard disk controller because this is mandatory driver. Next boot was OK, so I had to find which driver is making problems.

It is very important to make System restore point when everything is OK, so you can revert changes if needed. After making restore point I’ve had enabled one driver and rebooted, repeated this until system could not boot. In my case, there was problem with Texas Instruments CardBus adapter.

In your case it could be some other driver that makes problem, so this is a procedure you should follow until you find unsupported driver that makes classpnp.sys blue screen of death.

Good luck!



Classic Start menu in Windows 8.1

I hate Windows 8 mostly becuse everything is messed up, especially Start menu which existed from the first version of Windows, and everyone used to use it. Windows 7 has all that we need, and one day smart guys from Microsoft decided that everyone will have to go buy their Surface tablet with Windows 8 on it. Well, they were wrong. People doesn’t like a new style theme in Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 and wanted Start menu back! Now, we have a really nice choice of old style Start menu that’s look like classic Start menu of Windows 7.

Our favorite is IObit Start menu 8 because it is really simple, small and free program that does just what we need – repairing Windows 8 so people can actually start using it. This installation comes with some free programs, so if you don’t need them, just deselect it when installing this one.

Start menu Windows 8For more info and download you can visit IObit’s website: . Enjoy!


Remove browser toolbars

If your browser looks like this one below, you really need to get rid of all that junk, and learn how to avoid them in the future.

Remove toolbars from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome

What are those toolbars and how did you get them?

When you start installation of any program, you should carefully inspect any window that ask for your input, and watch for checkboxes with additional options. If you just click Next, Finish, it will probably install some junk programs that will make some damage to your system. Always choose Advanced options, because there are probably options for installing toolbars and other junk, hidden from main program installation. Toolbars are one of the most used addons to other programs, and probably the most annoying.

How to remove toolbars from Firefox, Internet Explorer or Chrome?

In Firefox find Tools, Addons, Extensions, and click Disable on the right side of any addon not needed. If you don’t know which of them are usefull, just disable them all, and later if you can not open something, find it here and enable. But you should leave enabled at least Java and Flash addon.

The similar is for all other browsers. Just find Options or Preferences, addons and remove them.

After that, you should restart Firefox / Internet Explorer or Chrome for changes to take effect.

If you need to change your search engine or home page, search for the following articles:

  • Change home page in browser
  • Change search engine in browser.

Update: Install free AdBlock plus!

We recommend installing a free addon for most browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer) called AdBlock Plus! This little tool will block 99% of annoying ads and pages, it is free and without any side effects. So, go to the product’s web page and install it for free. And remember to support it if you like it, by little donation or just click on some ad.

Webcam not working in Skype

Skype webcam problem

Skype video call not working

The newest is not always the best, and this is confirmed again with Skype. Many clients called us with the same video call problem – the webcam  is not working after updating Skype. Reinstalling did not help, so people had nothing to do but to bring us their computers. After inspecting this issue, reinstalling, cleaning system, we got the idea to install older version, and it worked! So, what was the problem? There must be a bug in new version of Skype so it can not see some types of webcams.

After installing old version of Skype, we were suggesting people not to update it for some time, until it is fixed. If you have the same problem with Skype not seeing web camera, install old version from this site: .

Update 11.01.2015 – Microsoft, shame on you!

Well guys, Skype video call is NOT WORKING any more on old CPU’s without SSE2 support! For example, if you have a AMD Athlon XP 2500+ CPU (without SSE2 support), you can’t have a webcam working, because Microsoft has blocked it, so people must buy a new computer with new Windows OS. If you want to install old version of Skype on which webcam was working, you can’t, because Skype rejects connection if the version is not 6.x.

So, if you have an old PC, you can’t use any webcam with Skype, not even high quality Logitech or Genius camera.

What are the Skype alternatives? You can use Viber as a much better solution both on computer and mobile phone. Really, this is too much, we are going to bury Skype and start using alternatives like Viber or Whatsup.

Skype CPU support

  • Intel Pentium 4, Xeon, Celeron, Pentium D, Celeron D, Pentium M, Celeron M
  • Intel Atom
  • VIA C7

Skype does not fully support AMD Athlon XP CPU’s, but you can use it just for audio conversations.

Please share and help others to resolve this issue. Thanks!

Slow Youtube video

Youtube Flash videoFrom time to time, many people have serial playback issues with Youtube videos even on fast multi core computers. You tried to reinstall Flash player, try other browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera…) but the video still stops or plays at few frames per second. I saw even that Youtube automatically plays video at HD resolution and that can not be changed even if I click on “Never use HD video”. Cleaning browser cache does not help, too. But gues what! Solution is SO simple!

How to speed up Youtube video

Just uninstall everything named Flash (ActiveX or some plugins), install newest Firefox and it will work! How is that possible? Because, every browser already has generic video codecs and it can play Youtube Flash videos at correct speed without newest Flash player, so you don’t need it for now.

If Youtube later asks for installation of Flash addon, just click on “Do not ask again”.