When and how to charge Li-ion batteries

Li-ion batteryLithium-ion batteries can be found in most today’s gadgets and devices, from mobile phones to laptops. People just learned something about old Nickel-type batteries and now are using the same technique for Li-ion batteries. Well, this article will help you learn when it’s time to charge Li-ion battery and how to charge it to last as long as possible.



Charging Li-ion battery

When the Li-ion battery is brand new, it already has some charge in it, and people usually discharge it to zero, because that was the rule for old Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries. Well, time’s changing, now just recharge a new Li-ion battery if it’s below 60%. There is no charge-discharge rule for this type of batteries! So, if you have a new mobile phone or laptop, just use it as you like, but try not to discharge it below 40% and don’t charge it to 100%.

Be aware that discharging Li-ion batteries to zero very often will drastically decrease it’s lifespan. Anyway, it is good to discharge battery to zero once a month, because it will recalibrate it and show more precisely it’s capacity on the mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Here are some general rules for the best performance and durability of Lithium type batteries:

  • Do not discharge new Li-ion battery to zero at the first use, or this will shorten it’s lifespan.
  • Charge the battery when it drops below 60-80% for the best performance and durability.
  • If possible, turn off the device when it’s charging, it will charge the battery much better.
  • It’s the best to charge the battery between 60 and 80%.
  • Try not to charge the battery to 100%, as it will degrade it if you do this often.
  • Do not charge it at night – when finished charging, disconnect the charger!

Battery storage

If you don’t use the battery for a long time, charge it to 40% and leave it in a cold and dry place, at temperatures from 1 to 10°C if possible, as it will lose only 1-3 percent of its capacity in one year! At temperature up to 25°C, the battery can lose about 4-5% in the first year. If you keep it at 100% charge at 25°C, it will lose 20% capacity in just 3 months!


The batteries will last from 1 to 4 years, no matter how you use them, but there will be great difference in performance if you follow these suggestions. Feel free to discharge the phone to zero if you don’t have a charger, or charge it to 100% if you plan to go somewhere without charger. You can leave it charging at night if you can’t wait to disconnect the charger at 80%. Nothing will happen if you do this sometimes. Do not be a slave to the technology, use it the way you like, and little care about your devices will surely pay off in terms of it’s longer life and your budget.



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